What is Zoom Downloader?

Zoom Downloader is an app that integrates with your browser to speed up your downloads, unify your downloading experience across browsers, and protect you from malicious sites.

Why use Zoom Downloader?

Major browsers today are primarily focused on providing a rich web browsing experience, with file downloading often being a secondary or lower concern. The built-in download capabilities lack features that Zoom Downloader provides. Each browser implements its own download experience, which can lead to confusion for novice users. You can change that today by augmenting your browser with Zoom Downloader for a richer, faster, and improved downloading experience.

How does it work?

Simple! Just install and download normally, and Zoom Downloader will take care of the rest! We'll warn you when you're getting a file from known malicious sources so you can download safely. For expert users, you can fine-tune and segment your downloads through Zoom Downloader’s advanced mode.

Take a look:

How much does it cost?

That's the great part about Zoom Downloader, you can use it free! In the free mode, we'll show you ads occasionally to help support our costs. If you love the benefits of Zoom Downloader but not the ads, you can purchase the premium version by clicking on the help icon.